Tidy Up Cleaning Services


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What Do You Do?

  • Please remove clutter throughout your home so we can clean all surfaces thoroughly.
  • Make sure to secure all pets.
  • Put out clean linens if you would like for us to change your sheets.
  • If you prefer to have us use your cleaning supplies, please have them in a specific location.
  • Relax.  Enjoy your clean home!

What Do We Do?

All Rooms: 

We start at the top of the room by dusting the light fixtures & ceiling fans and work to the bottom of the room.  We include picture frames & decor on the walls, blinds, window wood, shelves, doors, baseboards, trash removal, vacuum and mop.


Shower & fixtures, tub, mirrors, vanity.  We clean and sanitize the counter tops, sink and toilet.


Counter tops, cabinet doors, stove top, toaster/toaster oven, coffee pot, sink, oven door, front & top of refrigerator and table & chairs.  We do not offer dish washing services.


We will straighten bed and pillows.

Living room:

Straighten pillows, vacuum under chair and sofa cushions.

Laundry Room:

We wipe the exterior of the dryer and washer. We do not offer laundry services.